AcceleTrial™ takes the guesswork out of clinical trial site identification and activation.

Our Study Start-Up System (SSUS) is based on the foundation of objective data and not self-identification. AcceleTrial™ gives you a database of thousands of sites globally that are ranked and indexed on the basis of:

  • Objective Site-specific Therapeutic Expertise
  • Objective Site-specific Clinical Trial Experience
  • Objective Patient Access

KPS Life proudly partners with LINEA System to offer best-in-class Site Activation services. Our synergistic and seamless offerings enhance the quality of your clinical operations resources and allows you to takes the guesswork out of clinical trial site identification and activation, resulting in true strategic control of your trial.

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About LINEA System

LINEA System is a leading Clinical Services/Technology company with a proprietary software, AcceleTrial™ designed to speed the site identification/activation to fast-track trial startup. By applying data intelligence and advanced technology, AcceleTrial™ will transform clinical trials startup. Our practical solution, AcceleTrial™ provides our clients a competitive advantage in study startup by perfecting the site identification, site feasibility, and site activation processes.

Key Benefits

  • Speed site identification and activation
  • Find the right sites globally through a 200,000+ investigator network derived from objective data
  • Identify highly ranked sites based on expertise, experience, and access to patients
  • Simplify trial startup across multiple therapeutic areas and eliminate excessive emails and spreadsheets