eClinical Solutions

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The right technologies can bring greater ease and speed to clinical trials. And at KPS, we only leverage technologies that deliver those benefits, while maintaining the flawless integrity of the clinical process and its resulting data.

Welcome to eClinical solutions from KPS. Our solutions will help accelerate innovative new-drug research and get it to the next stage of the development/approval process faster.

A flexible service plan allows our applications to be used as a standalone product or as a complete technology platform. Our suite of services includes:

Electronic Monitor Visit Reporting System (eMVR)

A flexible, intuitive tool to plan, perform and finalize all monitoring visits for a trial. The eMVR interface provides real time, configurable work flow — reducing user fatigue and error. Complete with a custom report generator and calendar views, this tool can be accessed anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Velocity CTMS

Velocity, a true Clinical Dashboard, was designed to provide our Sponsors with an environment so simple and complete that, once they use it, they’ll never want to track data on Excel spreadsheets again. Velocity allows you to import and export data to/from Excel on every screen, so you can aggregate data without a duplicative effort. And beyond clinical study status, Velocity can also provide information relative to all budget details across the clinical portfolio of our Sponsors.

About Y-Prime

Founded in 2006, Y-Prime offers trial management solutions developing IRT, eCOA and trial management system (Velocity) platforms. Since 2010, KPS has partnered with Y-Prime to provide ideal technologies to support our clinical research efforts.

Trial Interactive eTMF

A practical, secure, compliant single access point for TMF documentation, supporting all essential document processes and reducing TMF management timelines, costs, and risks. The Trial Interactive eTMF provides study teams off all sizes the author-to-archive experience necessary for quality and completeness. A powerful 21 CFR Part 11 compliant collaboration environment enables not just timely, but real-time, document processing with an inspection-ready data lineage and audit history.

About Trial Interactive

In response to the needs of their clinops partners, in 2007 TransPerfect launched what is now the Trial Interactive E-Clinical Innovation team to work directly with clinical operations leaders to develop a practical, clinops-centric platform to streamline processes across the clinical lifecycle.