MALVERN, PA, April 28th, 2023 — KPS Life, the premier Functional Service Provider (FSP), is excited to report that we have partnered with CRA Assessments to further develop our CRAs and ensure we are delivering the highest possible quality monitoring to our Clients across the globe. CRA Assessments’ craSIM™ monitoring simulation will allow us to provide targeted testing, training, and development for each of our CRAs.

“Quality is the hallmark of our FSP solutions. We believe it is vitally important to ensure that our CRAs maintain a high level of core monitoring competencies,” said George Sawicki, COO at KPS life. “After a rigorous evaluation of training platforms, our Global Clinical Operations leadership clearly identified craSIM™ as the best choice for our upskilling strategy to ensure quality monitoring.”

“CRA Assessments is thrilled to partner with KPS Life in executing their ongoing strategy to elevate their CRAs to the top performers in the industry,” said Gerald DeWolfe, Founder & CEO of CRA Assessments. “KPS Life truly shares our passion for improving the quality of clinical monitoring in a manner that is cost-effective, easily accessible, consistent and objective.”

Operating in 48 countries across the globe, KPS Life is a stand-alone, global functional service provider (“FSP”) that offers a clinical outsourcing solution to the Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device & Diagnostic sectors across all phases of clinical drug development. Their services include clinical monitoring, clinical monitoring oversight, clinical trial management, data management, biometrics, and medical writing. The KPS Life FSP model is a proven alternative to traditional staffing and full-service organization methodologies and affords sponsors the opportunity to contract dedicated, embedded resources to complement their clinical teams while maintaining brand identity and strategic control of assets.

CRA Assessments ( provides the only objective and comprehensive monitoring simulation that evaluates the knowledge, skills, and abilities of Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) in the clinical research industry. The craSIM™ technology platform allows CRAA to provide a simulation that can identify deficiencies and provide targeted feedback and training to develop CRAs. The process also incorporates a post-training simulation to allow for direct measurement of improvement. CRAA has evaluated over 6,700 CRAs in 70 countries to date.

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