FSP Case Study

Client: Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Time Period: February 2018-present


  • Sponsor was evaluating different execution models in order to enhance Quality and reduce spend
  • Sponsor was focused on ensuring that they would always recruit from/work with the “A” team


  • KPS was brought in to help create governance and build out an advanced FSP model, to support Sponsor’s clinical trials and their R&D portfolio
  • KPS identified dozens of highly experienced clinical professionals, across numerous specialty areas, of which the Sponsor hand-picked 33 individuals, all of whom were KPS employees/contractors
  • KPS assigned a top-tier Program Manager to manage the KPS resources and sit side by side with the Sponsor to collaborate on execution; this allowed Endo to leverage KPS expertise and right size internal head count


reduction in trial costs*


  • An evolved model that, today, enables a collaborative team, broad flexibility and complete Sponsor control of its trial execution
  • Each resource is 100% dedicated to the Sponsor
  • 25-30% reduction in total trial costs*
  • Full accountability, clear communication and transparency
  • Minimal turnover; consistency of monitoring at the trial sites; more control over deliverables and timelines
  • Sponsor’s Investigative sites prefer this model in comparison to working with a CRO

*Measuring a sharp reduction in hourly service rates against potential increased infrastructure

“KPS Life is customer focused, they provide resources that meet or exceed the requirements, and they are a true partner that is willing to work alongside us as we advance our pipeline.”

Rosalie Filling

Vice President, R&D Operations, Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc.

“KPS’ employees/contractors have seamlessly integrated with Endo’s team creating ONE TEAM which results in successful execution.”

Matthew W. Davis, M.D., RPh

Chief Medical Officer, Sr. Vice President Branded R&D, Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc.